Past projects
25 mai 2017
ARC by ATK! at Biela Noc Bratislava 2015 – representing ATK! from 2015 to 2017
Previously Working with TeamVOID, touring their project Light Wave in 2015
Representing Memo Akten in 2016 – 2017
Barneys NYC x JAYZ holiday windows 2013 by Joanie Lemercier, in collaboration with Boris Edelstein, Kyle McDonald, Romain Tardy, Davy McGuire, Thomas Vaquié.
BLPRNT by Joanie Lemercier and James Ginzburg at STRP biennale 2015.
Bright Matter, artistic group show at Muriel Guepin Gallery, NYC, curated by Joanie Lemercier, with LAb[au], Nonotak, Joanie Lemercier, Numen for Use, François Wunschel, winter 2014.

Sometimes happy to help Robert Henke with Destructive Observation Field.

Tesselate Atlanta, indoor and outdoor installation by Joanie Lemecier, 2014.

Nimbes, a 360° dome piece by Joanie Lemercier, co-produced by SAT Montréal, 2014.
Interactive stage design for ATT + VICE for SXSW 2014 by Joanie Lemercier and Aaron Meyers.

Paper and Light by Joanie Lemercier.

Mapping festival 2013, Geneva, workshops coordination and production.

Production and coordination of several projects at SAT Montréal, 2009 – 2010.

Réunion des Musées Nationaux Grand Palais, winning project for contest of new visual identity with the design agency C-Album.