Selected project
24 mai 2017

Light Wave by TeamVOID, kinetic robotic installation.

Light Wave is a Lumino Kinetic work that creates wave-like optical illusions from patterned movement formed by the combination of 180 motorized LEDs.
The audience can experience different perceptions of space from rotating and dimming pixels’ relationships. The structure is changeable by adding or subtracting modules. There are 20 different patterns randomly looping.
Password: teamvoid


Wall drawings by Joanie Lemercier

This piece is part of the Wall drawing series, audiovisual installations where a visual is drawn directly onto the wall and augmented with a layer of projected light and ambient sound.
The visual is composed of straight lines and repetitive patterns representing structure of landscapes, rocks, planets, caves, …
Playing with light, depth and visual perception, this series is strongly Inspired by Sol Lewitt’s wall drawings.




Waves 2014 by Memo Akten

Inspired by the well established history of both artistic and scientific study on oceans and oceanic waves, Waves is a data dramatization of complex ocean simulations, distilled and re-imagined in the form of abstract visuals and sounds. An ongoing series of studies that investigate the tension and delicate balance between the immense power and incredible fragility of the oceans; simultaneously mighty yet delicate; calming yet terrifying; graceful yet violent; a symbol of fear, danger and death as well as hope, freedom and life.
Waves is part of an ongoing series of works and philosophy of using the tools of science as a lens to the world, to find inspiration in hidden processes that shape our universe. Using these tools to reveal, extract and amplify the unseen poetry in our lives and surroundings and re-ignite a child-like wonderment to the world around us.



Simple Harmonic Motion by Memo Akten

Simple Harmonic Motion #12 is a live performance for 16 percussionists and light. It is part of an on-going series of works investigating complexity from simplicity – specifically the emergence of complex behavior through the interaction of simple multi-layered rhythms.
This performance is a ritualistic ode to chaos and order, inspired by the collisions between man and machine; the harmonies, tensions and conflicts between science, technology, culture, tradition and religion.



Fuji by Joanie Lemercier

Fuji is part of Joanie Lemercier‘s ongoing artwork series on volcanoes. It combines a large scale hand drawn landscape depicting the Fujiyama, augmented by a layer of projected light. The abstract narratives are inspired by the legend of Kaguya Hime, a folk-tale from the 10th-century
and a key element in Japanese culture. It gives an imaginary and poetic vision of this story in an immersive environment.



Blueprint by Joanie Lemercier

Blueprint is a project by Joanie Lemercier, and sound artist James Ginzburg.
The first iteration was made as a site specific installation in March 2015 for STRP biennale in Eindhoven.
The concept of Blueprint is to develop a visual language over several iterations of the piece as installations, facade mappings, performances, …
Some parts are always different but the story to be told has the same structure.
The work interrogates the notion of blueprint as the intersection of ideation and architecture, a map that leads from formlessness to form. It explores the view of architecture as both the endless repetition of the cosmic order, and as a shelter from the infinite, a human construct that brings the capriciousness of nature into perspective.




Destructive Observation Field by Robert Henke

A bright multicolor laser beam points at one or several black plates of plastic. Most of the light is absorbed, turned into heat. A small part is reflected to a projection surface. The heat creates slight deformations of the plate that lead to complex reflections. Since the laser beam scans the area in slow random movements, the surface is constantly modified and the projected light patterns make this process visible. The same intensive ray of light that allows to observe these spatial decompositions also destroys them. There is no strict separation between ‘writing’ the deformations to the plate or ‘reading’ the landscape. The observation is destructive.
The installation creates expanding and contracting forms that have a semi-organic appearance. During the exhibition, the deformations add up resulting in progressively more complex and detailed surface structures. The visible shapes become more detailed and fragmented. The density of the stored information on the black plate increases.


#WordsOfData by Aleix Fernandez

The series #WordsOfData by Aleix Fernandez generates serene and repetitive audiovisual structures that are something of an audiovisual mantra, using thousands of Twitter messages as raw material. Using each time a different word, #WordsOfData pieces are composed by thousands of tweets.